New Habits :)

Rainy days call for a blog! I cannot believe that yet another summer has come and gone just like that. I am seriously not ready to even begin to think about school or the work that comes along with it…but, oh well. I guess the sooner it starts the sooner it will be over 😉

Here recently, I have just wanted to get more serious in my walk with Christ. I’m saved, I try to remember to read my Bible every day, and all-in-all I try to be the best I can be. But for me these last couple of months, that hasn’t been enough. I am tired of “just getting by.” When did that ever become good enough for me? I want my words, my actions, my life to SCREAM Jesus Christ.

I follow Mary Kate Robertson (John Luke’s wife from Duck Dynasty) on Instagram. I think she is super pretty, so down to earth, and a good Christian girl. Well recently, I started reading her blogs. She’s a great writer and I feel like we think the same in a way, which is why I continue to read them:)  One that I read the other day really inspired me and I thought I would share it with you. You see, it is important for us to read the Bible. But if you’re like me, then you read it, feel like you’ve learned something, close your Bible, go about your day, and a few hours later you simply just cannot remember what you read or learned. MK wrote about this and talked about how important it was for us as Christians to memorize scripture, and hide it in our hearts.  She went on to say that we don’t always have our Bibles with us, but we DO always have our hands. Something she does to help her remember a certain verse from her study throughout the day is writing the first letter of each word on her hand! This helps her to remember to think on the Lord all day AND memorize scripture at the same time! How cool is that??

So I have recently started doing this, and y’all it works! When I see those letters on my hand all during my crazy busy day, I’m reminded to think on the Lord and meditate on scripture! If we don’t know what the Bible says, how can we share it with others? How can we apply it to our lives if we simply just read it, close it, and forget?

Something else I am doing is reading a book called “The Circle Maker”. I have seen so many people rave about how good it was and how it changed their prayer life. I am only on like page 77 but it is the BEST book in the whole entire world besides the Bible of course! If you haven’t read it, then you need to stop whatever you are doing and either go buy it, get it as an e-book, or get it shipped to your house A.S.A.P. I am hoping to write another blog on one particular thing that just amazed me, but I won’t spoil the book for ya;)

One other thing I am going to start doing is actually studying the Bible myself. I feel like I rely too much on going through a study and reading what other people have learned, that I do not actually take the time to study and learn for MYself! This is something I just personally want to start doing! Not saying Bible studies are bad, because I do love them. But I also want to get into the word all by itself!

I just wanted to share with you a few things that I have started doing to deepen my relationship with Christ because who knows…you may be wanting some tips to help you as well! Our world needs us, guys. We have to stop just getting by and truly live our lives completely sold out to Jesus Christ (myself included). He can do anything in this world! I’m so glad I serve HIM!!!

P.S. you better go get The Circle Maker or we can no longer be friends 😉