Worth the Wait

Wow it has been quite awhile since I have written.

I wanted to take the time to share my heart again on the subject of boys and dating! By no means am I an “expert”, and by no means am I trying to say I’m perfect when it comes to this… I feel as if I have really learned some valuable lessons along the way and I am sharing in hopes it resonates with at least one girl out there 🙂

My last post was about this subject, but I wanted to re-write that and add in some EXCITING things!

In High School I always felt that it was cool to be in a relationship. It seemed like all my friends had at least had one boyfriend. Not going to lie, at times I felt left out and dreamed of what it must be like to have a sweet boyfriend. Dating was something that I was defining my worth by. I even thought I would never find a boy who would like me. I was super shy (still am), I didn’t party or do any of the things most people my age were doing. I did not feel as pretty as some of the girls in my class, etc….(BTW Satan was all over those thoughts and feelings. God does not see me that way).

Fast forward a little and I came to a point where I just gave up on the idea of having a boyfriend. I had gotten tired of always obsessing over the idea and decided to just enjoy life and trust God. Not long after this, I got a glimpse of Michael at a football game talking some people from my church. It was love at first sight…I knew he was a good one….and he was oh so handsome! Love at first sight…for me!

I did something I always tried not to do. I am so embarrassed now but hey I guess it all worked out! I got his number from one of the people he was talking to at that football game and I texted him. He had no idea who I was, but we texted for 2 days. Then he decided he didn’t want to talk to me anymore. So I was back to square one. No boy.

Months go by after this and I was at a wedding. All of a sudden a notification popped up on the screen that Michael Harrison had left a comment on my recent post. My heart dropped because I knew exactly who that was! I immediately opened Instagram to see what he had said! We continued catching up (over comments haha) and then we began texting again. We got to know each other, met the families, and I began to fall more in love with him and his character. I had never met a guy like him in my life.

We continued hanging out for months and then we began officially dating! If you read my last post you know how our dating relationship went! It was ALL long distance. He was a baseball player, duck hunter, and an on-the-go guy. I really learned so much from dealing with distance and if you are currently in a long-distance relationship, I encourage you to go and read that post!

Michael and I have been dating for almost 6 years now. Writing this post and just thinking back, it is so evident that the Lord has been the author of it all. Honestly the way we met, how we got to know each other, how we’ve been able to do distance, and how we’ve never broken up…It has everything to do with the Lord being in control of it all. I give Him ALL the glory and recognition for this relationship.

Michael was my very first boyfriend. And now he is going to be my HUSBAND!! Ya’ll we are engaged!!! I am over the moon excited and giddy and still shocked! He completely surprised me and his entire family and mine got to be there when it happened! It was the sweetest night and I am so thankful and grateful!

That was a lot of backstory, I know, but the reason I am sharing is this: When you don’t focus so much on just having a boyfriend to fit the norm, and focus more on finding a boy whose character astonishes you, it will be so, so, so much sweeter. Having a boyfriend does not define you, it does not make you cooler, and it will not fulfill you. It also doesn’t mean that no one will ever like you. Do not let Satan get into your thoughts.

Pray for the kind of boy that you do want. Trust God with the situation. Don’t settle just because you feel the pressure to fit in or be like your friends.

I promise you that just waiting and finding someone whose character is what draws you to them will be worth it. I have no clue when or where you will find this person, but I know that it is worth the wait.

I gave up being obsessed with having a boyfriend. That doesn’t mean I stopped wanting one, I just stopped being defined by the whole idea. It is worth the wait.

The Lord truly blessed me and I believe He can do the same for you! You are so loved and you need to start by realizing that sweet girl!

*the sweetest night ever is pictured below for those who would like to see*

Much love,