Connection Weekend 2017

I don’t know about you guys, but I honestly can’t believe summer is already over….like where did it even go? I am currently sitting outside a dorm, on a swing, enjoying the evening before classes officially start in the morning.

A few weekends ago, my church had a Connection Weekend. If you know what a Disciple Now Youth event is; this is exactly like it except it is just our youth group. Basically we loaded up the vans and spent the weekend at Twin Lakes growing closer together and growing in our walks with Christ before everyone got busy back in school. This was my second or so time to go as a college leader! There were worship services, olympic games, basketball, late nights, question/answer time, and tons of fellowship. So in this blog post I am going to share just some different things with you:

  1. The 7th-8th grade girls are the absolute SWEETEST girls to ever walk to planet! No joke! The college students arrived before everyone to set up and get things ready, so I just threw my suitcase and all into the cabin I was staying in…well, after a long night, I came in to grab something and those sweet babies had made up my bed for me!! My heart literally melted. I learned so much from them but one thing in particular is that I sase them truly care for other people! They each make sure no one is left out and that is something we could all do wherever we are. So if any of my girls read this, I LOVE YA’LL!!!
  2. I have gone to these weekends my whole life, but as I get older, and get to help out now, I see the importance of and how amazing these weekends really are. A few DNow(s) ago I actually gave my life to Christ as a college leader! Going to this connection weekend was so refreshing to just take a weekend and press pause on the busyness of the summer and get back on track with the Lord. Times like these I took for granted as a youth, but now that I’m an old college student, i really understand why we always planned these weekends.
  3. Kind of building on #2…Like I said, I realized just how important these weekends are. To be honest, I did not want to go at first. I was even dreading it a little bit as it got closer. But let me tell you, that was stinkin Satan trying to get in the way and not even let me think about how God could use a weekend like this to teach me so much…stupid devil..I did get excited though once I actually got there and it was such a BEST weekend!!! I read all the time in my devotional times about how it is a MUST to surround yourself with other believers…you can’t grow closer to God and learn different things by keeping to yourself all the time(which I am super duper guilty of). This weekend really put that into perspective. There was just something about being surrounded with teenagers who want to be on fire for God, by adults who dedicate their time to pour into the lives of the teenagers, and by other college students who want to better themselves as well. I can’t describe the feeling, but it’s amazing! Worshipping together, being goofy, and just listening to what the Lord was trying to say is something I needed desperately. And my little 7-8th grade babies made it all the more better! So if you seem to keep to yourself and think that you don’t need anyone else, you do. That is a lie that Satan is telling you and me but God wants more for us!
  4. One thing that like slapped me in the face one night was something Nolan (the youth minister) said: “Worrying about something you’ve already asked forgiveness for is basically like calling God a liar>” Ummmm holy moly I’ll give you a second to get up off the floor! How many of you needed to hear that?-because I surely did. But it is so true. If you are truly a child of God, sin is going to just eat you up, meaning that when you do something wrong, it makes you just sick to your stomach because the Holy Spirit is working on your heart. You may even do something over and over again until you give yourself a revelation and say okay, NO MORE…we all make mistakes. We all do things we wish we would have never done. We all sin. We’re human. But that is where Grace comes in. Jesus Christ came and exchanged his LIFE for death so that we could go from DEATH to life! He came to give us freedom from the sin we struggle with. So many times Satan attacks us and keeps bringing up things we’ve already straightened out with God. Do you know why he does this? Because this distracts us from doing the work of Christ. It causes us to think we are not worthy enough or don’t deserve to be making a difference, etc. He just doesn’t want us to think there is grace and forgiveness. But my sweet friend, there IS! And Jesus Christ will forgive and love and give grace to those who want it. Stop carrying around that guilt, and believe that Jesus has forgiven you.
  5. If you can, get involved with a youth group…young or old! It’s a blessing!!!
  6. Always strive to live your life for Christ. I have that desire so much right now and I pray you do to!

That was lengthy, but I wanted to share my heart with you! We had an awesome weekend with the best youth group ever! Super pumped already for Disciple Now weekend coming up shortly! These are some of my favorite shots I got from the weekend—>

much love, kate



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