Freedom & Simplicity

With a major holiday just passing, (the fourth of July), I figured now would be a great time to update my blog!

The Fourth is one of my absolute favorite holidays. I just love the red, white, & blue, the flag, getting together with friends/family, firework shows, and just what the holiday represents—Freedom 🙂

For me, I spent the day with my family at the beach. We always go each summer and this time it just happened to fall around the time of the fourth, which was fantastic! We layed and sat on the beach literally ALL stinkin’ day, paddle-boarded, swam, tanned (I just freckled haha), and really just enjoyed our time together! That night we cooked hamburgers/hotdogs and watched an INCREDIBLE firework show from our balcony. It could not have been more perfect!!!



I am currently trying to learn how to enjoy simplicity and be thankful for even the smallest things. My cousins and I decided to venture out and explore a new beach. It was secluded, the water was so calm it was almost like a lake, and it honestly had the most beautiful view ever! Boats were sailing by, the sun was beginning to set, and like I said, no one was really around. Looking back at some of the photos I took, I just realized how beautiful God made the earth and also I was just thankful that he allows us to enjoy it (simplicity in action here:)) I also enjoyed experiencing something new with my fav cousins!

***on a side note: I think I have the cutest models!!!








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