Time to Begin Again

I know that it has been awhile since I have written. To be honest, I don’t really know why I stopped, it just sort of happened…but I really love writing so I am not going to just throw that away. My heart is actually pretty heavy. There is so much junk going on in our world right now that I really do not understand. I have no clue how we got to this point. But in light of all of that, I wanted to write and just try to bring a little light back into the world. That is the least I can do. I don’t know how many people read this or if anyone even reads my blogs at all…but I am going to keep on writing and let the Lord take care of the rest!

This blog is actually not one where I am writing about anything in particular. Actually, I am going to share with you what has been happening in my life this summer! At the beginning of summer, I tried to spend as much time with my boyfriend as possible because shortly he was going to be leaving for the rest of the summer to go off to another country and play baseball…I know what you’re thinking, poor KB….haha. And honestly, at first that is how I felt. It was super hard for me to say goodbye, but this was something he wanted to do and I was excited for him to get to follow his dreams! For those of you wondering, I am surviving!! Thanks to FaceTime, I get to see his handsome face some and it always brightens my day:) He is actually going to be home in like FOUR days!!! I’m over here squealing like a little girl!! I am beyond excited you guys! Even though we have been apart for over 2 months now, I have still learned many things. And I mean many. I won’t share all of them because I’m sure you’re already tired of reading by now, but one thing I know is that long distance relationships CAN and DO work if you try. We are living proof of that. So if you are in a LDR or about to be, stop worrying about it (mostly the girls), because if you both love each other, it won’t matter the distance.

I also took some summer classes to try to get ahead in life. And might I add that I finished both classes with a big ole’ A!! Oh, and I’ve actually been working out a lot and running too…and yes it’s still me typing haha! It actually has become something I actually enjoy doing. Running has been a blast and taking care of my body just makes me feel mature in a way. I am actually using the C25K app to get me started so if you are looking for something to start you out at a slow pace, then that is your go-to app!

I’m not even ashamed to admit this, but I got hooked on this show and so I watch Netflix quite a good bit…and I mean quite a good bit 😉 who doesn’t love Netflix? I mean if you don’t, are you even really living???

Something else is that I realized that I wanted bigger faith. I just wanted bigger faith. And I actually started reading the book called “The Circle Maker” because I have heard so so soooooo many great reviews on it and they were all definitely correct. If you have never read it, BUY IT NOW!!! It is changing my life and it is such an awesome book that will open your eyes to things you’ve never even thought about thinking about–yea I went there! But I am still a human and I need the Lord everyday, so I am really just trying to be better, do better, and live for Christ. In all that I do!

Summer is coming to an end unfortunately, and life is going to move on. I promise to keep writing for those of you who actually follow my blog! I hope that your summer was everything you wanted it to be and more! Let the Lord prepare you for this coming school year and let him do GREAT things in/through you. Enjoy these last few days of summer!



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