Such a Time as This

Lately I have been feeling led to begin blogging again and I have had thoughts of many topics that I want to write about, so it has been hard to choose. I decided to start with this one. Do you have a favorite verse in the Bible? Growing up people would always seem to ask me that. And to be honest, I would just say one verse that I knew by memory because it caught me off guard. I find many verses as I am reading the Bible that I really like. But just recently, I have found one verse that I have just fallen in love with!!!

About a year ago, my mom, sister, and I did a study on Esther. We went through the whole book and just made a girls study out of it! It was actually really fun and interesting. Because of that, Esther is my favorite woman in the Bible 🙂 so when we were doing this study, this particular verse never stood out to me…..but just recently it is by far my FAVORITE verse in the whole entire Bible! I’m guessing you want to know what it is right? Okay okay I’ll share it with you——> Esther 4:14 “and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

HOLY MOLY right?? If that doesn’t light your fire then your wood is wet!


You don’t matter. You’ve messed up one time too many. You will never be able to make a difference. The world is better without you. You can’t be used. ——All of those are LIES LIES LIES from the Devil. Every single one of them. And more times than not we let him get in our heads and keep us from seeing what God has in store for us. Don’t let him have any part of you anymore! Tell him to get away in the NAME OF JESUS. Because there is power in that sweet, sweet name.

Let me tell you something. YOU matter. YOU have purpose. YOU can be used by God. YOU are loved. YOUR life has meaning. YOU CAN make a difference.

YOU ARE COME UNTO THE KINGDOM FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!!!!!! There is a reason you are alive today. God has you right where he wants you. The Bible says that you are created for such a time as this. Our world is sick with sin and evil. We as Christians are here for such a time like this. A time for us to shine our lights like we never have before. To get serious about our relationship with Christ. To make it a DAILY habit to dig into the Word of the Lord. To come together and use our individual gifts to build the kingdom of God. This is our time, guys; and we have got to realize that! No more will the Devil get in our heads. No more. God said we were created and here for such a time as this!

If you have not read Esther, I encourage you to read it! It is only 10 chapters! It’s such a powerful book! I also encourage you to find a verse in the Bible that can really be your FAVORITE verse. And one that can apply to your life everyday!

🙂 KB