Proverbs 6

Have you ever had one of those days where when you wake up you just scroll through all social media? And then you just lay in bed until you make yourself get up? And then you finally decide to go downstairs and eat breakfast (pancakes and bacon)? And then you just sit and listen to music? And then you aggravate your sister because there’s nothing else to do? And then you read your Bible because you accidentally fell asleep last night? And then you get on your knees and pray? And then you remember that you have blog to write? And then you get some snacks to help you write (and then decide you better make plans to run later tonight)? And then you finally sit down only to realize that you are STILL in your pjs? Yeah……it’s been one of those days for me! But you know, every now and then, you just need one of those days! Try it sometime!!

So in the midst of my “do absolutely nothing day,” I found that I actually did do something. And this was bettering my walk with my Savior! And what better thing to do than that? It is so important that we as Christians stay in the word. I cannot stress to you or to myself just how important that is! The Bible is where we find all this instruction that we have been talking about! I realize that I do not read the Bible as much as I should, and I am ashamed! BUT, I am so glad that God gave me the idea months ago to start a blog, and to glorify Him through each one I write! I don’t write these on my own. I take 0 credit for any of the blogs that I have written, it is all HIM! I’m just glad to be able to be used by Him!! Little did I know that I would be writing a blog DAILY, trying to help others see the power in studying God’s word every day that we are alive! What a blessing!! So grab your Bible and let’s begin discussing Proverbs 6!

In verse 16 it starts talking about some things that the Lord hates, so I took it upon myself that this must be pretty important if God himself hates it!

1- a proud look: what I think this means is that we do not need to conceited and we do not need to brag on ourselves. Who we are, and everything that we accomplish, has nothing to do with us. God put us in the position to be successful, or to get that pay-rasie, or to win that last game, etc. Whatever we do and who we are is all by God! Let’s not brag on ourselves and let’s start thanking God and giving him all the praise!

2- a lying tongue: some people say it’s okay to tell a “little white lie” but this clearly states that God hates lying. Point blank, don’t lie!

3- hands that shed innocent blood: i’m sure we all know that murder is wrong, I mean, it’s a 10 commandment! And that is one point that you can get from this statement, murder is just plain wrong. But lets look at this statement a little differently! Hands that shed innocent blood can mean blaming someone for something you did wrong, not sticking up for someone who is being wrongfully accused, or even just being plain mean to others. Sounds like elementary stuff, I know but think about it. Jesus used his hands to heal, to pray over others, to save our souls. His hands were never used for anything bad! Our hands should be used for the Kingdom of heaven. We should stretch out our hands to serve, to give, to help. We should LIFT UP our hands and praise God for ALL he has given us!

4- a heart that deviseth wicked imaginations: when Jesus comes into our heart, He cleanses us and makes us whole in Him. And yes we are human, and we will sin, but when we ask for forgiveness, we are washed white as snow! Our hearts should not devise wicked things! We should not have hatred towards anyone. We shouldn’t want revenge on anyone. We shouldn’t want to see other hurting. My heart BREAKS that there are children somewhere have no food, no shelter, no clothes, no family, no knowledge that there IS someone who LOVES them, and his name is JESUS! It literally breaks my heart! If this breaks your heart, then that is in a way a good thing, it means you have a pure heart and a heart for Jesus! Keep evil out of your hearts! And don’t let anger, hatred, jealousy, or anything of that sort take over your heart! Pray for a pure heart and a heart like Jesus! 🙂

5- feet swift to run towards mischief: mischief is not of God. Mischief=evil and God and evil just do not go together! As we talked about in the last blog, run, flee, stay away from all evil/mischief!

6- false witness that speaketh lies: don’t give a false witness against someone. As girls, we often are 2-faced. We take one persons side and then we change to the other person’s side. Which is wrong. And that is just an example!

7- he that soweth discord against brethren: this simply just means, don’t stir up trouble with someone. Be the peacemaker! Don’t get in the middle of an argument with others. Stay out of it!! Christ never stirred up trouble, so neither should we.

These are 7 things that this chapter tells us God hates, so we need to STRIVE to not do any of these things!! I definitely do not want to be apart of anything that my Lord hates! This chapter also mentions a little about adultery! Now, I am not married, so I am not going to elaborate on this. What I will say is that adultery is wrong. Married means man and woman, together as one, though Jesus, and thats it! Adultery is just wrong!

One other thing that I want to focus on in this chapter is what verses 25-about 29 are talking about.

Lust. Did you know that lusting is a sin? For girls and guys. But I do have to say, girls are more appt. to cause lust…not all the time, but a good bit of the time. That is why I poured out my heart in my modesty blog. God has taught me a lot about modesty this summer and I’m so thankful for that! Since I am a girl, I like to talk to girls about this. What we choose to put on our bodies, what we choose to post on social media, how we choose to present ourselves, ALL should reflect our relationship with Christ. Booty shorts, crop tops, bathing suites that show almost all of us, etc. so easily cause guys to lust. And you may not even realize it. Society throws things in our faces DAILY about how we should look or what the new style is. And it is hard being a girl living in the society that we do. It is. BUT, our heavenly Father LOVES us and wants the best for us! As Christian girls, it is part of our responsibility to not be a stumbling block for our brothers in Christ. And I know, some people say, well, it’s not my fault that guys were made that way, why should I have to wear this or do that just so they won’t lust. And I get that. But can I just say something? If you truly cared about what God thinks, would you really be wearing what you wear? That’s what I had to ask myself. If we truly love God, and we want to honor him, then we should care about if we are a stumbling block to our brothers in Christ. We shouldn’t want to make them sin in any way. We just shouldn’t. Society will tell you differently. Society will tell you that it’s okay to wear this or wear that. And things will be blown up in your face all the time. But just look to Jesus! Life is so much more that what we wear. But let’s dress in a way that pleases God and doesn’t cause our brothers in Christ to stumble! Modesty is so dear to my heart and I just want to share it with everyone! Girl, you are beautiful in the eyes of God, live for Him, show Him to everyone, and yes, even dress for Him!

Instruction is everywhere in the Bible if we just look for it! I am not perfect by any means. I am just a little girl in God’s big world. I ask for forgiveness daily, I am learning new things every day. But I am trying my best to shine my light and to help others see that this life is ALL about Jesus and what he has done for me and everyone else! I love that I get to live every day for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

And remember, the same power that rose Jesus from the grave, lives in YOU! Think about that, and then go listen to that song by Jeremy Camp! One of my FAVS!!!!!!

God bless,