When the Clock Reaches the 12

Goodmorning, Bloggers! Well, maybe I should say good afternoon, since it is 12:22. I hope you’re having an amazing day so far! I just had a delightful slice of blueberry pie and some caramel coffee! YUMMMM!!!! It’s definitely going to be a great day! So, I wasn’t going to write a blog today, but I decided to because I though of something to write about!

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!!!! While a lot of people will be going out and about celebrating, I will be in church; worshiping the creator of a new year!!! I am sad to see 2014 come to an end but I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for me in the coming year of 2015. Looking back over this past year, it’s crazy yet, amazing to see how far I have come! For instance, 2014 led me to start this blog. Now, I know my blogs are terrible and hardly anyone ever reads them, but I really feel like the Lord will use this somehow; I just have to keep writing and praying that the right person will read it!!! So ya’ll just keep me in your prayers!!!

I know we all have things that happened in 2014 that we regret, or wish we would have done, or whatever. Don’t let those things clutter your mind! The past is the past and there’s always next time! Don’t let those little things be all you think about today as 2014 comes to an end! Keep in mind that a new year is about to occur and think about how you can make this the BEST year yet! You know, almost every New Year’s Eve I see post about how people can’t wait to start a new year and how they are going to do so many things differently and they never do! I am one of those! But this year, I really want it to be different! Life is a book. Last year’s chapter is ending. No matter what happened in YOUR last chapter, a new one is about to begin and it’s up to you and me to decide what happens in this chapter! So here’s a challenge for anyone whose up for it! I always hated “New Year’s Resolutions” but, there are some things I do really want to challenge myself with! This next part of my life is where it all gets real! There a some huge milestones that I am about to go through and I want to have some goals to keep me kind of on the track! So, I’m going to share with my my own resolutions with you!

1. I want to ALWAYS keep God first. Sometimes this gets pushed out of the way when different things come into our lives, but I want to always make sure I am seeking God and what he wants first!

2. I want to be kind to everyone. I am not a “people-person” all the time so one of my goals is to be kind to everyone and be a friend to everyone, because we never know what anyone is going through.

3. I always want to have JOY!!!!    J-Jesus First    O-Others Second   Y-You(me) Last

4. I want to start exercising! Some sort of it!! My body is a temple of the Lord that I want to keep healthy!! hahaha

Those are just some that I have for now! I’m sure I will make some different ones along the way, but it’s a start!!! So, as the new chapter of our lives begin, I challenge you to come up with at least 2 goals for yourself! And really carry them out! I usually make a list every year but never really finish any of them! Not this year! My goal is to not only come up with things to try, but to actually accomplish them!!!

I hope that this next year is filled with joy, happiness, and memories for you! Make this year count! Make it the best one yet!! And, if you do not have a personal relationship with Christ, make that your FIRST GOAL of this year!! I promise it will be the best decision you ever make!!! The Lord wants a relationship with you and His arms are open; I promise!!! May God in every way bless your new year!!! Remember he is the ultimate Author!

Hide and Go Seek


I have been extremely busy these last few days and honestly I just haven’t really known what to write about! Like I have stated a few times in my earlier blogs, I want the Lord to put an idea or “topic” in my head before I actually sit down to write. If not, there’s no point in me writing anything! So today, after busy, busy, busy, I finally feel like I have something to write about!!! I hope all of you had an AMAZING Christmas! I am very sad that it’s officially over, but I had such a great Christmas! I am so blessed and I am so selfish all the time. This is something personal that I am going to work on! I thank the good Lord for all He has blessed me with and continues to bless me with every single day! Thank you Lord for who you are!

Have you ever felt like your Christian walk is the same as a crazy roller coaster? It’s like one week you are so on fire for God and you can see what He’s trying to tell you, and then the next week it’s like He may have taken a vacation? My Christian walk is one like that! Sometimes I feel so close to God and like I can just reach up and touch Him. But, then I turn right around and I feel like He is not even there and I start doubting. I have figured out that doubt and worry are what the devil uses to get me off my path towards Christ. Those two things are my weak points! Pray for me in those areas of my life please!! But anyways, so have you ever felt like that in your walk with Christ? Well, I’m just going to be personal for a minute, I have been praying that the Lord would reveal Himself to me and just let me know that He is there and working in my life. But, I feel like I’m not getting any feedback. But, it is most likely my fault! I’m trying to open my eyes to see as Christ would and look for Him because I KNOW He lives inside of me, so he’s there…….I just have to find Him!!! It’s just like the game of Hide and Seek! Christ is ALWAYS there no matter how I feel or where I go! Sometimes though, He may be being quiet, so I will seek after Him more and grow stronger in Him though trying to find Him! Ever thought about that? I JUST thought about that as I typed that very sentence! I JUST figured out my own problem in the midst of writing this blog! Isn’t that amazing how Christ just spoke to me in this very moment?!!!!! That’s simply amazing to me! Okay so I figured out my answer, but does your walk of faith feel like a crazy roller coaster? I am going to share with you something The Lord showed me while I was sitting in a gym tonight!

So I said I couldn’t see the Lord? Well, I’m just pure stupid and blind as a bat!! So, the day after Christmas all the girls in my family, (grandmother, aunts, mom, sis, and girl cousins) went to New Orleans for a girls weekend! We stayed at a very, very fancy hotel, got to shop, ride in a taxi, get Starbucks every morning for breakfast, and go exploring though this massive hotel! It was such a blast! The occasion for us going was we went to drink hot tea together! We got dressed up, got to eat little finger foods, try 2 different kinds of tea (vanilla is the best by the way), and course, take a TON of pictures because that’s what girls do isn’t it? Well, we do anyway!! It was so much fun to have a “get-away-weekend” with the girls! Today we got back and as soon as I stepped foot in my house, I got ready and went to another Christmas with my boyfriend’s family! Which was also such a blast!!!! I also went with him to play basketball with some of his friends! Now don’t worry, I did not actually play! I would just embarrass myself!!! So, I sat in the bleachers, which, having nothing really to do, led my mind to just think about anything and everything! Soooooooo this is what I thought and I really believe the Lord put these thoughts into my head!

I have felt like the Lord wasn’t hearing my prayer but He has! And he Has revealed himself to me!! I have been EXTREMELY blessed with PEOPLE in my life! Like sitting in that gym, I just started thinking about all the people I am in contact with! I have an amazing family!! My parents are GREAT Christian examples for my sister and I and have raised us to LOVE Jesus above all else!! And I cannot be any more thankful that I have such a great home-life! And the rest of my family is great too! Spending the weekend with my grandmother and all the girls was such a blessing!! Family needs to grow! Being able to just go off and do nothing but be together and spend time with my precious maw maw was so warming to my heart and I am thankful the LORD gave us the opportunity to go! My older cousin and I got to opportunity to stay up late with all my younger cousins and just give them Godly advice about life, high school, and college! I didn’t notice that the Lord was moving but he was! All I had to do was sit back and actually LOOK for Him because he was definitely there and I am so thankful!!!

Like I stated above, as soon as we got back today I was headed to my boyfriend’s house to do Christmas with his family!! Yet another time the Lord showed me how blessed I was!! I have a unique boyfriend! I say “unique” because he is most definitely a one of a kind boy! He is a Christian, he’s sweet, always happy and willing to help anyone, always has a smile on his face, and he helps me in my walk with Christ! I am THANKFUL to be able to say all that about Him! The Lord blessed me with the BEST there is!! And i am thankful for his family! They are so loving and they all love the Lord! I am so thankful the Lord has brought all of them in to be apart of my life! I never knew how blessed I was with my family and another family who is pretty much my second family! So if any of you are reading this, thank you ALLLLL for the joy you have brought to my life!!! I thank the Lord for all of you!!!!

There’s also another group of people coming to my mind as I continue to type this long blog (sorry it’s so long I just have a lot to say). This group of people is probably ones I take for granted all the time. They are MY FRIENDS!! The awesome people who sit at my lunch table!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I cannot tell you how great it is to have Christian friends to go through life with!! I don’t know what I would do without y’all!!! And one of these amazing Christian friends is going to be my roommate in college and I just can’t wait to see how the Lord works through us and where He takes us! I have so many people in my life that I have been blessed with and i have never really noticed….until tonight!! So anyone who has played a role in my life; THANK YOU!!!!

Okay, so I know that was a little much, but here’s my point. Being a Christian is NOT easy, but it’s not supposed to be!! Was Jesus’ life easy? No, it wasn’t! And ours won’t be either! BUT, with Christ by your side, you can conqueror anything; literally!! And yes, sometimes you will feel like you can feel Him one second and the next it’s like He’s gone, BUT remember its just like the game of Hide-and-Seek! He is ALWAYS there; He may just being quiet so you will look more for Him!!! For me, I had to look around and notice how blessed I was with people in my life!!! Try stepping back and taking a skim over your life and who plays a role in it!! I hope this blog made sense! I may have just rambled! Sorry if I did!!!! Make disciples, live for Christ, and notice how blessed you are!!!!

Let’s Get Personal

I know it’s been a few days since my last blog, but I don’t want to write on my own, I want The Lord to write through me! I have been struggling with finding what to write and I think I finally got it!! First of all I want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!! I hope you are all snuggled up on a couch watching Christmas movies with your precious family!! Cherish those moments!! Christmas is my all time favorite holiday!! I love Christmas trees, beautiful lights, family, friends, boyfriend/hisfamily, Hallmark Christmas movies, caroling, etc. But I love MOST that a sweet little baby was born to save my soul from all sin!! That is what Christmas is all about. Yes, all the other things are fun and memorable, but we would not have Christmas if God had not sent baby Jesus to be born! Thank the Lord he was born and saved MEEEEEEE!!!!!! And if you are not his child, Christmas time is the perfect time to give your heart and life to him! He loves you, He want a relationship with you, and His arms are wide open, I promise!! You will NEVER regret giving your ALL to Christ!!

Okay, so that was my opening paragraph! Just sort of getting you prepared for what I am going to write about! (This blog really isn’t about Christmas but oh well! It’s Christmas Eve so I guess it’s okay!) I have been praying here and there for my little cousin who is young that The Lord would protect her and keep her in His watch! I also prayed that I could be a Godly influence in her life! Well, during Thanksgiving, she, (my little cousin) told me that she had asked Jesus into her heart!! OMG Thank you Lord!!!! It was the sweetest thing ever! I will admit I cried! For those of you who don’t know, my little cousin is like my own child! We are super, super close! Words cannot express how joyful and happy my heart was when she told me that!

This past Sunday, I got the privelage to go see my little cousin be baptized! Talk about heart warming and totes precious!! It is amazing to see how the Lord saves them when they are young!! It truly amazes me and I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses her for His kingdom!!! Seeing her come to the Lord and follow that by telling everyone though baptism is the BEST Christmas present I could ever receive!

So, I decided I would share my personal testimony! Now, it is not some jaw-dropping, turn-around testimony, but it is MY testimony and it will always and forever be special and a blessing to me! I was raised in church and have some AWESOME Christian parents that I am FOREVER thankful for!! Love you guys!!! 🙂

It was a Sunday night, I was about 8 or 9. It was time for the invitation, and we were singing our last song of the night. We sang though the song and my Pastor stopped the music leader and he just said that he felt The Lord was speaking to someone in the room and he asked the music guy to sing one more verse and if no one came down we would be dismissed. So,we sang some more and no one came down and then we all went home. I was in my bed, trying to go to sleep when BAM! It hit me! That person my Pastor was talking about was me!! I was the one the Lord was talking to! I just didn’t know it!! So I went and got my parents and my dad and I kneeled down in front of our little green chair in the living room and he prayed and i repeated after him! I was saved! And then, a few following Sundays after that night, I got baptized by my sweet daddy!!

So that is my story!! But there’s more; everyday! you see, a walk with Christ allows you to grow every single day! You never become “mature”. There is something to be learned every single day! I am by no means perfect! Hahaha actually I am far from perfect!! But that’s okay, because I have the Lord’s help and he is my teacher!! I’m not where I want to be, but I know for SURE I’m not where I used to be!! And I thank the Lord for that!! Being a Christian is not always easy, but if we keep our eye on the goal, find those Christian friends, and dig into the Bible and pray we will be just fine! If you are a child of God, He will NEVER EVER leave you nor forsake you! The devil will try to make you doubt and second guess yourself but remember the Lord’s promises!! HE loves you and me and He will always be there we just have to look! I hope my story has encouraged someone out there today! Give your life to Christ! I can promise you it is worth more than you’ll ever know! I hope you all enjoy your Christmas tomorrow, and remember the real reason for the season is JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!

Yet Another Brick

Loving this whole blogging thing!!! It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct or anything!! Hahaha it is simply amazing!!! I am so thankful the Lord brought this into my life!! Tonight I want start by saying that Jesus Christ is my number one and I don’t know how I could make it without him; actually, I know I couldn’t make it at all!! It simply amazes me at how much He can love someone like me. I can’t wrap my brain around it, but I don’t have to because I fully believe it and I know he loves me and I’m not made to “understand” his love, but that is the beauty of it all! You see, if we understood everything about Christ, we would never want more and we would never have the desire to grow closer to him! Make since now? Christ created us so that we wouldn’t be able to understand all his ways so that we would always want to hunger for Him and search diligently for Him! You know what another AMAZING this is? Christ is ALWAYS willing to be there and love us unconditionally!!! WOWWWW is all I can say!!! Thank you Lord for your unfailing love!!! Nothing better than bragging on God in the first paragraph!!! Besides, it’s the least I can do 🙂

Okay, so we all have different opinions, but we can definitely all agree on one thing; we are selfish most of the time when things do not go the way WE want them. This is especially true! for me I get so bent out of shape when things don’t go the way I want them or the way I planned them in my head! I think it’s all about me! Ouch! Am I really that selfish? Examining myself, yes. I never realized it until tonight. Something came up that I got upset over ( I should have never gotten upset, it was stupid of me anyways) but I got upset because it wasn’t going the way I wanted it to! Okay so after all that, this morning during my Bible study I prayed that the Lord would just reveal Himself to me and help me with what to write in my blogs! AND HE DID!!! Tonight, i realized that what I was mad over, the Lord had a purpose for it happening!! ( I am not going to say exactly what it was because it involves other people and it’s sort of personal). But it hit me like a ton of bricks!! (Bricks seem to be smacking me in the face lately thank the good Lord!!!) The point of this story is I realized that I am so selfish and I need to stop, because though things may not go exactly the way I have them planned in my head, the Lord has a much bigger plan and purpose than I could ever see!!! You see, my little tiny plan had nothing to do with what the Lord had in store!!! It amazes me how He places certain people, at certain places, at JUST the right time!! The Lord definitely doesn’t need my help!!! So my personal goal after tonight: Stop being so selfish, and when things don’t go my way, I’m going to open my eyes and figure out wha the Lord is doing, because it will be beautiful!!!!

Philippians 2:3 says this: “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.” TRUST THE LORD!!!! God bless you all!!!

If Your Heart Stopped Beating…

Hello everyone! I am new to this whole blogging thing so just bear with me! I pray that the Lord would use me to reach out to people who just need encouragement in this crazy, chaotic life that we live in!

So here we go! A few days ago I was riding with my boyfriend (he’s a great Christian guy and I’m beyond blessed to have him) to pick up some hunting stuff and he played the song “Heart Stops” by David Dunn. As i was sitting there listening to it, I absolutely loved the beat and just how the words flowed throughout the song! Now I guess I should mention I am a music fanatic! I love music; especially Christian music! I find it amazing that God uses people like He does!!! Okay, so back on track, I downloaded David Dunn’s song yesterday to my phone and I cannot stop listening to it! This morning in the car my sister and I were jamming to it and I actually heard the words! (When I hear a song I listen to the beat first before I actually get the message of the song…oops!!) So I finally heard the message to the song and it hit me like a ton of bricks!! The lyrics to the chorus are below: READ!!!!!

“If your heart stopped beating, The end of all you know, Has the life you just stopped living, Left anything to show? Have you wasted so much time? Do you know what it’d be like, If your heart stopped beating?”

Okay, so just imagine that! RIGHT NOW, IN THIS MOMENT, if your heart stopped beating what would happen? Well, I would hope you would be in heaven living it up with My Savior!! But what about what you did here on Earth? If your heart really were to stop beating right now, would your life have anything at all to show? Would people say you changed their life? Life here on Earth is very short. Sometimes we get caught up in everyday life and forget what our purpose is; at least that’s what I do! And I am ashamed. That’s why the song hit me like a ton of bricks!! I want to change a few things about myself! I want to CARE about other people and their eternity! I want to WANT to help them and actions speak louder than words, so I want my life to reflect everything to do with My Jesus Christ!! I don’t want to waste my time here on Earth! If you’re a Christian, our goal on Earth is to make sure our friends and neighbors and co-workers and people who are around us are aware that there is a God and that He loves them and wants a relationship with them! That’s all that matters!! And living in the chaos that we do, we sometimes loose sight of the vision! But I pray that we, (myself included) CATCH THE VISION!!!! We need to be fishing for lost souls!! And I have been doing a terrible job, but theres always a time to turn around and change; and NOW is my time! Will you join me?

Matthew 5:14-16 says this, “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candle-stick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Thank you and have a great rest of the day! Remember to shine your light! God bless!!!